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Praveen is a successful entrepreneur and technology aficionado. He took on various roles during his career of 25+ years as a technologist developed enterprise solutions for telecom companies. Praveen started as a software engineer and wore various hats as an Architect, Designer, DBA, and Business Analyst. Praveen eventually took on various middle management roles and coordinated large cross-functional teams and always loved the challenge of taking complex projects to fruition. He built deep understanding of operations while working on diverse enterprise systems like Lead and Marketing Campaign management, CRM, Order Processing, Inventory Management, Retail and Wholesale billing, Service Assurance, COST Audit, Revenue Assurance, Margin Analytics, Data Warehousing, and Business Intelligence. In 2013, Praveen founded CanWill Technologies along with four other technologists. He has been responsible for developing growth strategy and often acts as a success manager. Praveen is also the founder and CEO of Niveza, a financial education and marketplace with 168,000+ registered members. He took on CTO role during start-up days of Niveza and lead product engineering efforts. He later rolled up his sleeves and turned himself as a marketing strategist and hands-on digital marketer. When Praveen wants to take a breather from his favorite role as a technologist and entrepreneur, he enjoys playing Golf and actively involved in fitness and yoga.

Praveen Kedar,
CEO / Director
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Samir has 14+ years of immersive experience in successfully delivering products. Samir has successfully lead engineering efforts for products in Education, Telecom, Social Networking, Manufacturing, Financial domains etc. He is highly skilled technologists and more importantly absolutely loves it. He has rare ability to learn any software technology within the time required to deliver it and do it like a veteran. He often gets hands-on with various technologies like C#/ASP.Net PHP/Laravel, J2EE/Spring, Javascript/NodeJs, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, React, Angular, iOS, Android, Rest Web Services, MySQL, MSSQL, ElastiSearch, Cassandra, Spark, Amazon Cloud, Microst Azure. He is uncompromising when it comes to quality. Clients are often surprised with speed of development and quality with technologically challenged projects. Samir is one of the founding members. He is avid reader and always seems to be on top of the interesting topics. When not reading, he often gets into trouble with his activities in adventure sports and loves to explore beautiful mountains and historic forts around Pune.

Samir Warke,
Director of Product Engineering
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Sayali loves to give life to ideas since last 14+ years. She is patient enough to deal with the frustrating experience of arriving at a UI/UX design which clients often say “It’s a lot better than we expected”. She applies her deep sales experience and delivers highly engaging user experience resulting in exceptional CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) from get-go. Sayali wears multiple hats and also oversees Project Management teams responsible for timely delivery. This allows her to get birds eye view of challenges with designs and bring pragmatism to it She is one of the co-founders, “a master chef”, and health fanatic. She is often experimenting with cooking recipes and health tips. She blogs about her own healthy lifestyle tips.

Sayali Kedar,
Director of Design and PMO
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Ram has 15+ years of deep experience in delivering technology solutions that generate hundreds of millions in revenue for our clients. Ram oversees ecommerce practices responsible for delivering solutions using Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Ram has previously developed numerous custom web & mobile products in full stack role and that brings highly deep technical expertise to our ecommerce practice. His strength in UI/UX allows him to significantly contribute towards building highly engaging ecommerce solutions that deliver high conversion rates. Ram also oversees cloud teams responsible for building highly scalable and robust infrastructure using Amazon EC2, Azure Cloud, and deploying DevOps processes for our clients. Ram is one of the co-founders but a farmer at heart. Ram often escapes to his native place and loves to explore ways to improve farming using technologies. He dreams of being organic farmer someday!

Ramdas Balwad,
Director of Ecommerce and Infrastructure